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Capital campaigns are high stakes and success is the only option. Campaigns are already tough, don't make it harder by using the wrong tools.

Above Goal is the only capital campaign software created by experienced capital campaign consultants that is designed to help your campaign succeed. Above Goal is easy to use software that allows you to seamlessly manage the details of the campaign such as your table of gifts, relevant statistics, key prospects, and your campaign committee’s tasks, meetings, and follow-ups.


If the brief overview above has you wanting to know more about how Above Goal can help you with your capital campaign management, there is a more detailed demo video you can access by clicking the below "Watch Demo" button.


Your Campaign At A glance

Easily view campaign statistics with customizable dashboards. Draw informed insights from centralized campaign and performance data. No more campaign tracking spreadsheets!

Customized Table of Gifts

Customize your table of gifts by campaign. Above Goal tracks pending gifts, total raised, and prospects that need to be engaged by gift level. Your table of gifts is updated automatically!

Prospect Pages

Get access to individualized pages for all of your campaign prospects. You get everything you need to manage the ‘prospect-to-donor’ life-cycle. You can print it out and give it to your campaign committee too.


Creating reports manually is a tedious and error-prone task. Above Goal empowers you by providing powerful reports at the click of a button. No more pivot tables!

Activities & Tasks

Keep track of all the activities and tasks related your campaign. You can even grant limited access to the campaign committee so they can manage their assigned prospects and activities better.

Campaign Committee

Finally, a single system to manage all of your committee members and get updates on their tasks and actions. Your campaign committee can also log in and collaborate in the system on a limited basis. No more email chains asking for updates!

Client Management

Above Goal provides one system that you can use to get campaign updates from all of your clients. Provide real time assistance and stay ahead of the curve on all of your capital campaign projects.

Managing the Firm

Above Goal helps you manage your consultants better. Senior leaders can quickly check on the status of ongoing campaigns across the firm and proactively step in when they need to.


David Mersky​

Above Goal enhances our ability to manage a campaign and the leadership of our clients to engage in the process of solicitation and stewardship.

Allison Gutstein

Above Goal helps us track the process of managing a campaign in a way a typical CRM isn't set up to do.

Scott Gannon Patton

Two of our strongest clients are currently using Above Goal to manage campaigns with excellent results. Better reporting and better communication between team members.

Above Goal for Nonprofits

Manage your campaign committee's commitments
Get access to powerful and on-demand reports across your campaign
Track commitments (potential and actual) using our customizable table of gifts
Work collaboratively with your consultant and campaign committee
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Above Goal for Consultants

Manage multiple campaigns and projects across your consulting firm
Scale and grow your consulting practice
Get access to powerful and on-demand reports
Be a more effective consultant
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Get access to an overview of the next big thing in capital campaign management

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