A Filtered Spreadsheet

In the middle of the campaign, when you ask your clients to send you a list of pending gifts. What do they send you? A filtered spreadsheet.

When you want to have a collaborative conversation with your client about the prospects in play, what do you review? A printed filtered spreadsheet.

When you have the inevitable, “who’s gonna call who” meeting, what do you pass around the table to your committee volunteers? A printed filtered spreadsheet.

Before your meeting with your committee members, what do you print out? A filtered spreadsheet. (In color!).

What donor software does your nonprofit client use? One of the leading platforms.

The truth is donor management systems weren’t built for capital campaign projects.

Give me a call and let’s talk about how Above Goal can help you and your clients get rid of the filtered spreadsheet on their campaigns for good.

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Campaigns are hard work. Above Goal makes it easier.

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