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Hello! This is Ken Jones, CVO of Above Goal

The topic for this mini briefing is Building a Culture of Philanthropy and this will probably be my shortest briefing for this season.

Here is my idea. It's totally untested, but if you want to talk about it call me and let's talk about it. I want you to consider giving every staff member a portfolio of 3 $25 donors and making them retain and grow those relationships as part of the performance review. That’s my high bar of what a culture of philanthropy looks like. If you want a culture of philanthropy go build one. That’s all I have to add to this topic.

As an exercise, have a Friday donor thank-a-thon where you serve lunch and call and thank donors that are not major gift prospects. I've seen this done in other organizations and it's just a great great idea.

This is Ken Jones, CVO of Above Goal

Have a great day

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Hi! Thank you for watching the mini executive briefing.

I'd like to request your feedback on a research project here at Above Goal. I'd appreciate your perspective if you are on a fundraising team at an organization raising funds for mission work. The intent is to deliver a sponsored report to facilitate fresh conversations about fundraising and our profession.

I’ve conducted in-depth conversations with other nonprofit executive and fundraising leaders during Stage One of this effort. Nine interesting fundraising themes emerged that our team is eager to test. I’m committed to this research because I think it will help us better understand our collective opportunities to raise more money for the missions we serve. I’ll capstone this project by conducting individual org assessments with a Fall cohort of executive and revenue leaders. A full report will be delivered in 2020.

Would you consider taking a brief 3-minute survey to offer your perspective? The survey is confidential and only aggregate information will be shared publicly. I respect your time and though you’ll be helping this research by providing your insights, I think you’ll get value as well. I appreciate you considering.



P.S. As a thank you, I have prepared a fundraising resources page with articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, diagrams, and fundraising Excel tools that will help inform your work. This private page can be accessed at the end of the survey.

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