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Don't choose the wrong consultant and put your capital campaign at risk


While others have to pay for this book on Amazon, you get access to this book in electronic format for free. This guide covers how to choose a campaign consultant and contains questions that you should ask your capital campaign consultant before hiring them.

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    This book reveals the questions you must ask before hiring a campaign consultant. Choosing the wrong consultant will put your campaign at risk.
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    There are 2 main approaches used by campaign consultants. This book will help you decide which approach is best for your campaign.
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    Discover where to look for proven campaign consultants.

About Above Goal


Capital campaigns are high stakes and success is the only option. Campaigns are already tough, don't make it harder by using the wrong tools.

Above Goal is the only software created by experienced capital campaign consultants that is designed to help your campaign succeed. Above Goal is a simple software that allows you to seamlessly manage the details of the campaign such as your table of gifts, relevant statistics, key prospects, and your campaign committee’s tasks, meetings, and follow-ups.

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