Excel Formulas for your Capital Campaign

Ken's previous video presentation on "Common Capital Campaign Spreadsheet Mistakes" was so well received, that he had to do a follow-up video to cover some of the questions. In this video Ken covers the following 6 functions that will be useful to you in your use of Excel on your capital campaign. In addition to showing how each formula can be used in a real life campaign based example, he also explains the common mistakes made when using these formulas.

  • Concatenate
  • Proper
  • Transpose
  • Text to Columns
  • Pivot Tables
  • Vlookups

If you are using Excel to manage your capital campaigns and are not familiar with any of the above formulas, the few minutes you spend watching this video will be made up many times over the next time you have to use any one of these formulas in your next fundraising campaign. They can save you from having to do a lot of manual editing of data to get it into the correct format.

If you have any questions on using Excel to manage your fundraising campaigns or other processes, feel free to send your questions to [email protected].

If you are currently managing your campaigns with Excel and are interested in seeing an easier way to manage these fundraising effort without Excel, check out our product, Above Goal. It was written so that you don't have to master Excel to run a campaign

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