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Why are capital campaigns so challenging?

Lack of Experience

Most non-profits don’t have that much experience with capital campaigns because they are simply not done that often.

The ultimate team project

Staff and board members may not know that much about capital campaigns. (Depending on your organizational setup they may not know that much about your day-to-day fundraising!) Educating them on how to fundraise for you can be challenging.

Managing volunteers

Mobilizing your campaign committee and getting them to complete the tasks they have agreed to can sometimes be the hardest part of the campaign.

Day-to-Day work doesn't stop

You still have to do your day job and it takes a lot of effort to maintain campaign momentum.

Your campaign will fail if

You don’t use a table of gifts to properly plan and manage your campaign
Your campaign committee does not complete the cultivation and solicitation tasks assigned to them
You don’t have the right information to confidently plan and execute the next steps
You don’t dedicate the time necessary to sustain the momentum that your campaign needs to succeed
You don’t have the means to encourage follow-up and follow-through for your entire campaign team

Above Goal Is

An online capital campaign management software specifically designed for nonprofit organizations and consultants
A powerful project management tool that helps you run an efficient capital campaign
Easy to use software to manage your campaign committee's follow through
The only software that allows you to keep track of commitments (potential and actual) using our customizable table of gifts which automatically updates in real time
A comprehensive solution that allows you to track prospects, contributions, meetings, and tasks during your capital campaign

Above Goal will help you exceed your campaign goal in the following ways

Above Goal helps you mobilize your campaign committee to action. Your CRM system is not enough to manage your campaign committee; it’s not enough to effectively collaborate with your staff, your consultant, and your campaign committee
Above Goal helps you keep track of the details. You get access to a simple software meant to manage your campaign without having to juggle with your CRM system, Excel Spreadsheets, and long email chains
Above Goal is always moving you to the next step. You get access to a robust activity and task tracking system which gives you a seamless way of managing and keeping track of how your campaign committee is progressing with the tasks they have committed to.
Above Goal helps you share information, quickly. You get a secure interface for your stakeholders (your campaign committee, your consultant, your internal staff members) so that they get access to relevant information.
Above Goal helps you draw informed insights from centralized campaign and performance data. You can generate powerful and on-demand reports at the click of a button. You can also customize dashboards and track statistics across your campaign.
Above Goal helps you get the most actionable advice from your consultant. You can make more effective use of your consultant by eliminating the need to send them your campaign data. Just give them a log-in and they get instant access to your entire campaign.


Abigail Harmon​

We use Above Goal to organize our client's data with more options than an excel spreadsheet could ever provide. From tagging to sorting and from reports to the new scorecard, we can put in more information and easily access the information for export.

Kevin Wallace

Above Goal simplified our tracking and reporting of the solicitation process

Scott Gannon Patton

Two of our strongest clients are currently using Above Goal to manage campaigns with excellent results. Better reporting and better communication between team members

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