99% of the work is before your campaign

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Hello! This is Ken Jones, CVO of Above Goal

The topic for this mini briefing is 99% of the work is before your campaign. I'm going to give you 10 seconds to guess why I have chosen this picture as the centerpiece for this topic.


I'm going to cut back in. It's because I want you to think of the launch of your capital campaign as your wedding day...and when you think of it that way it should scare you! WHOA we have to do all of this before the campaign!?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Craft your vision

before the campaign

Build internal support

before the campaign

Strengthen organizational relationships

before the campaign

Fortify existing revenue efforts

before the campaign

Rally and engage your fundraising team

before the campaign

Operationalize your technology and data

before your campaign

and of course strengthen your message so you can tell your best story

before. your. campaign.

As an exercise, think about your upcoming campaign goal. Do you know the donors and likely giving amounts that will help you exceed your goal?

If you want to continue the conversation leave us a voicemail and you will be sent a link to where you can redeem one Tuesday Revenue or Fundraising Therapy session at no cost to your organization.

This is Ken Jones, CVO of Above Goal

Have a great day

(480) 630-8870

End Transcript

Above Goal has identified 9 common pain points that are experienced in day-to-day executive and revenue leadership. We'd like to know if these 9 pain points are a challenge for you so we can develop tools to help you raise more money for your organization. Would you consider taking a brief 3-minute virtual fundraising/development assessment so we can learn about the day-to-day experience managing fundraising at your organization and sub-sector? As a thank you, we have prepared a private fundraising resources blog that you can access at the end of the brief assessment.

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Above Goal provides technology, media, fundraising strategy, and advisory services to power the “cause” sector. Our flagship product, Above Goal, is the only commercial fundraising software designed specifically for capital campaigns.


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