Above Goal Will Help You Grow Your Consulting Practice

Why is it so tough to scale and grow your business?

  • Capital campaigns are time-intensive projects for consultants. They take a lot of staff time to execute well
  • If your consultants manage multiple projects, they can quickly reach their bandwidth
  • Your reputation is on the line with every project. Working with the wrong client, or publicly missing a campaign goal, can negatively impact your personal reputation and firm brand
  • Even when you give great advice, the success of a campaign is all about the follow-up and follow through. If your client does this poorly they won’t meet their campaign goal and you’ll be blamed

Your business won’t grow if:

  • You don’t streamline the way you manage your projects so you can scale
  • You run inefficient projects that take too much staff time
  • You can’t sell new business because you spend too much time managing the details of your existing projects
  • You lose out on repeat business to competitors because your previous clients were not satisfied with the level of service
  • You spend time reinventing the wheel because you have no systems to maintain your firm’s brain trust and past successes
  • You don’t have the ability to continuously train and coach the consultants that interface directly with clients
  • You constantly spend resources on training new staff due to turnover
  • You spend lots of time fighting with Excel to get the data into the right format to present to your client
  • You miss details because there is no good way to track them

Above Goal Is

  • A software platform to help you more efficiently and effectively manage all your capital campaign projects in a single interface regardless of your location
  • A proactive way to strategically guide and advise your clients remotely
  • A cloud-based software that you can allow clients and their campaign committee to access. This improves collaboration, engages your clients better, and reduces the administration you have to do
  • Easy-to-use capital campaign software that allows you to access historical data from your earlier campaigns so you reuse successful strategies for future campaigns
  • Software that provides better insights into the campaigns without spending the time you do today to generate these reports. These on demand reports only take seconds to print.
  • A singular tool that you and your clients can use for all of the campaign projects across your firm

What People Are Saying

Above Goal has enabled us to serve our clients better, more efficiently, and at less cost.

David Mersky

Above Goal has made it much easier across our teams to manage the details of the campaigns we're working on.

Allison Gutstein

Above Goal helps us look better. And we can now provide a variety of reports at the touch of a button.

Abigail Harmon

Above Goal will help you increase your revenue:

  • You will run more efficient campaigns and have bandwidth to take on more projects and do more sales
  • You will increase your client satisfaction which will lead to more successful projects, more referrals, and more business
  • You will have a streamlined way of running campaign projects that will make these projects less stressful and more manageable, decreasing employee turnover
  • You will work better and more collaboratively with the colleagues at your firm

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