Losing Sleep

Any capital campaign how to manual will tell you that volunteers can plan an important role in raising significant dollars for a capital campaign.

Here are 2 quick tips for how to optimize the productivity of your volunteers.

1. Recruit the right campaign volunteers.

Be honest about what you need from them. If they are going to invite others to give to the campaign make sure 1) they give a gift first and 2) they are aware and willing to make asks on behalf of the organization.

2. Training is key.

Think about your own to do list. What falls to the bottom? The things you are not ready to do, the things you don’t want to do, or the things you are scared to do. Make it easy for your volunteers to help you. Provide scripts, provide playbooks, and practice with them.

3. Stay connected to your campaign volunteers between meetings.

Training and education never stops. Keep them updated on how the campaign is going, especially how their contributions have impacted the campaign. People like to hear that their efforts are productive and how they are providing a positive impact.

Here’s to reducing nightmares!


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Above Goal is a collaborative tool designed specifically for capital campaigns to help you manage your prospects and volunteers.

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