Manage prospect-related tasks in our new layout

Managing prospect-related campaign tasks and activities made possible with a new redesign

Above Goal strives to take the administrative work out of managing capital campaigns so you can spend time connecting with campaign donors and committee members.

Currently, activities in Above Goal are great for keeping track of cultivation and solicitation tasks that the campaign team has agreed to do, but it’s helpful if you can have quick and easy access to the most recent and upcoming interactions with all prospects. Above Goal now makes that possible with a redesign that lets you and your campaign team more easily manage their prospect tasks.

Quickly assign campaign tasks to members of the campaign committee.

You can grant access to campaign committee members so they can view the prospects and activities that have been assigned to them. They will only have access to prospects and activities assigned to them.




Manage upcoming prospect related activities

In this new layout you can always know the last contact/interaction and next contact/interaction with all of your campaign prospects. 

Run reports for campaign leadership and your committee members in one click.

Above Goal is best known for its one-click reports that make preparing for meetings a breeze. Below are three reports that incorporate the new activities functionality.



Above Goal

Campaigns are hard work. Above Goal makes it easier.

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